NewsITO Conference: Managing Industrial Property Rights “Globally”

Istanbul Trade Chamber hosted “Managing Industrial Property Rights Globally” conference, on the 15th of April in Istanbul and expert IP speakers from USA, Europe and Far East discussed strategic IP decisions, recent practices and developments worldwide.

Kemal Yamankaradeniz, Senior Partner at Destek Patent Inc, delivered a speech on "Keynotes for protecting IP rights in -and from- Turkey” in the opening morning session. Yamankaradeniz particularly talked about the recent R&D Incentives towards innovation and patenting as well as the expected changes in the draft industrial property law of Turkey.

The following topics of the conference include National Trademarks in Europe vs. European Union Trademark, US Trademarks and Designs, IP Protection in the US beyond utility patents, Current IP Topics in China, Japan Patent Success Management, New Patent Developments/Third Party actions in the USPTO and Utility Model Protection in Europe.

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